Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Honor Of Max...I'm sad to say..

I'm sad to say my little Max, did not survive eating many pretty flowers and some other things growing wild I was unaware of. He passed on Sunday 9/24.

He was an older goat, and the vet said, it probably was hard for him to bounce back, even though he did many times~I will really miss him, and all his sillyness, but smile, because I have the greatest memories, that will keep me laughing for years to come, which I will share here.

He had a great little goat life, we adopted him from a farm across the road from where we live, because Max's sister passed from eating something bad too, that was about 9 years ago, and since goats need to be with other people, they are so lovey dovey..and can die of a broken heart, (who ever knew that?), and since we had 3 others on our property, we decided to adopt Max!..We actually surprised our son on his 8th birthday, and as a little joke, we said this is your birthday present!

Now the fun begins...I have so many funny goat stories, that I've shared with people over the years, I'll start to share them here too!
I also have three other goats, not as goofy and silly, but worth sharing too, chickens, and dogs, Visit back often for some giggles...


Janet Bernasconi said...

I'm so sorry that Max passed away. What a beautiful goat he was. I bet he is dancing happily with all the pets in heaven.


Lilli Blue said...

So sorry about your goat. It is so nice that you have such fond memories.

God's Princess said...

From one animal lover to another; I'm so sorry to hear that your goat baby passed away. We can get so attached to our furry creatures can't we?

Love Melina x