Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let's play with CLAY!

Well, I've been teaching ceramics for quite a while now...before that, tole painting..but it's really clay I enjoy the most! If a project isn't too perfect..squish it..& start love that too! This blog is just for fun..I will fill it with..kid goats, chickens and dogs..& occasional adventures in my PINK world in the Northwest. My love for shabby, cottage, & pinks will dribble over to this site sometimes from Angel Heart Designs more of my business sure to visit there too!

These photos are some of the recent projects we did..classes range in age from 5 yrs. on up!

The first photo is of the clocks we made a while ago, there are several, I've just posted a few, one little boy made one with musical notes..on the right, another made one with a sea theme on bottom..& the top left is what makes her happy. They had so much fun making a clock..I do one in every class... The other photos are birdfeeders, and little houses, and coming in September, the girls are making Tea sets, very cute!


Trisha said...

Oh what fun! The kids look like they are really enjoying it!


Brenda & Shellie said...

Cindy, the children in your class are soooo adorable and talented too! What fun and I bet they had the time of their life with you! Please share more classes. Brenda

Rose Petals & Blooms said...

It must be so rewarding when you see the care and attention these little sweeties are giving to their projects! They will never forget the day they spent with you Cindy, they are what memories are made of!

Dianne said...

Oh Cindy, you are building such wonderful memories for these kids and a love for handcrafting! What brilliant gifts to give children!
Your pictures took me back in time. When I was a kid, there was a lady in our town who had a "crafts day" once a week for us kids at our community center. We painted ceramics mostly and did a few other wood or popsicle stick structures. I remember meticulously painting a ceramic plate for my mother that said "No matter where I serve my guests, they always like my kitchen best!" and it had little kitchen tools and things all around the edges. I loved that plate so much and Mama did too! Thanks for the memories... mine and the ones you are making with your students!

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